What challenges does the real estate industry face?

Loss of value of the real estate

Unrenovated properties with high CO₂ emissions are threatened with a steady loss of value

Rising costs

Costs and taxes for energy supply from the public grid are increasing continuously

Time pressure

Regulatory measures, such as the CO₂ tax, make lack of action increasingly expensive

Plug into AMPEERS ENERGY for a climate-neutral building portfolio

Through intelligent software hardware and the services of our experienced local partners, we achieve CO₂ savings of up to 90 %. At the same time, new business models enable us to refinance the necessary investments.

Making CO₂ reduction in buildings profitable


Electrification of the heat supply

The electrification of the heat supply, for example, by installing heat pumps, is the biggest lever for decarbonizing your properties. Up to 90 % CO₂ savings are already possible today.


Expansion of local PV systems

The installation or expansion of photovoltaic systems reduces energy costs through the favorable operation of the heat pump with self-generated, climate-neutral electricity.


Selling locally generated energy

The optimized hardware operation and the sale of locally generated and climate-neutral energy to the tenants reduce energy costs and refinance the modernization costs.


The conversion to a holistic and renewable energy supply is an economic opportunity!

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Four steps towards a climate-neutral real estate portfolio with AMPEERS ENERGY


Determine your energy and CO₂ accounting with us and use them to determine the ideal renovation strategy for your building portfolio.

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Develop optimized concepts with us for your properties' profitable and climate-neutral energy supply. These concepts serve as a basis for the subsequent realization.

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Our strong partner network supplies and installs the necessary hardware (PV system, heat pump, battery storage, e-charging stations…) and solutions for serial building shell renovation.

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Optimize your climate-neutral energy supply to maximize your consumption and automatically bill your tenants for locally produced energy.

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Start the profitable decarbonization of your building portfolio now!

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Customers who have embarked on the path to climate neutrality with us:

Frequently asked questions

Which companies can benefit from the solutions provided by AMPEERS ENERGY?

Our solutions are aimed at real estate owners with a wide range of residential and non-residential buildings (offices, logistics halls, industrial parks, supermarkets...). We also cooperate with energy service providers for the implementation of white-label solutions.

Is the decarbonization of a building portfolio already economically feasible today?

Yes. By implementing cross-sector (electricity, heat and mobility) energy concepts based on renewable energies in combination with software-controlled plant optimization and selling locally generated, climate-neutral energy to tenants, a profitable decarbonization of the building energy supply is possible even without government subsidies.

What distinguishes AMPEERS ENERGY from conventional energy service providers in the market?

AMPEERS ENERGY supports its customers in economically decarbonizing its entire building portfolio. The economic decarbonization of the building portfolio is achieved by switching the building energy supply away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources that do not emit CO₂ during energy generation. To reduce these CO₂ emissions of the building portfolio rapidy and economically, AMPEERS ENERGY supports its customers from CO₂ detection to installing the plant technology and refurbishing the building shell and economical operation. By working with AMPEERS ENERGY, our customers become the energy suppliers for their tenants and retain the entire added value from the sale of CO₂ neutral energy.

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